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Açıqlama: If you would like to have a video removed, rather than filling out a claim against the piece, send me a message instead and it shall be removed by your request. "Nujabes, 1974 till infinity" - Bob42jh If you like what you see/hear, please feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe for future videos. Thank you. For those of you that wonder why I sometimes upload material that had been previously added onto Youtube by another user, hear this. There are some users who are still unexposed to the tunes that we all share, cherish, and enjoy, regardless of who uploads first. Sometimes these users find you first, and then these tunes become revealed to them. Even though there are other identical uploads out there, it does not mean that everybody is aware of these gems that lay dormant.

Yaradıldı: 01.04.06 (02:01)
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