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Açıqlama: CarmoDance brings you the best dance videos from the best dance competitions! I also post clips from dance events I attend! INSTAGRAM/TUMBLR: @carmodance If you are a dancer and want to send in your solo or a choreographer who wants to send in a group dance please send to my email below. All youtube submissions MUST include the following info: -dancers' name (if it's a solo/duo/trio) -name of routine -age the routine competed as (or at least the age division if it's a group) -dance genre (lyrical, jazz etc) -choreographer -studio it was competed under -name/city of the competition -awards/results of THAT competition performance if you want that in the description box. **please make sure your choreographer/studio has given approval for a YT post! email for inquires/requests/want to send a video to be posted etc... [email protected]

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